Complete Precision Machining Services

P. Tool & Die is proud of the reputation we’ve earned for our ability to take customers through all phases of fabrication from engineering to tooling to production. We work hard to serve as a 1-stop shop, delivering a complete range of precision services that includes:

  • Engineering Services
  • Prototype & Development Services
  • CNC Machining Services
  • EDM Services
  • Specialty Machining
  • Quality Control

Efficient Engineering Services

At P. Tool & Die, we utilize our more than 55 years of experience in the design and engineering of dies to solve complex manufacturing challenges and produce the highest quality tools. This proven history provides us with a unique ability to identify and provide the best tooling solution for each individual application. Our development team has the skills and technical equipment to help you complete the engineering of your ideal part, offering a complete process and equipment design that ensures production efficiency, part reliability and timely delivery.

Prototype & Development Services

P. Tool & Die’s development team can help you bring your project to production, whether you need a short run or a low-volume production alternative. Whatever your needs, your job will receive equal priority in our facility.

In addition, as part of our prototype and development services, we employ the most comprehensive fabrication processes to ensure the accuracy and validation of your concept model. As with all of our production fabrication services, we are able to meet precision standards down to .0002” (beyond .005” typical industry standards).

Cutting-Edge CNC Machinery

We maintain a wide range of the latest, cutting-edge CNC vertical mills, CNC 5-axis mills and CNC lathes. This allows us to handle turning, finishing and various small-volume production work in-house in an efficient and timely manner.

Thanks to the financial and production advantages of CNC equipment, we are often able to reduce labor costs while increasing quality consistency and reducing lead times. In addition, our computerized equipment allows us to achieve holds and reaches not previously possible or efficiently performed through previous manual processes.

Capability-Expanding EDM Equipment

Here at P. Tool & Die, we have a variety of EDM machines, including four wire machines, a Mitsubishi sinker and an EDM hole-drilling machine. This equipment expands our fabrication capabilities by:

  • giving us the capability to manufacture parts and pieces that would be too intricate or complex for traditional CNC machinery
  • allowing us to remove the typical rounded-edge machined materials to create precise, sharp corners
  • providing a better way to work with conductive materials
  • reducing the number of processes required for manufacturing
  • enabling us to more cost effectively handle and work with fragile or exotic raw materials

Specialty Machining

In addition to our tool and die expertise, we also offer a number of specialty machining services, including:

  • Ultrasonic Repair
  • Mold Repair
  • Small Mold Builds
  • Weldments
  • Fabrication
  • Gages
  • Fixturing

Quality Control

We equip and empower our entire production team with the means and mission to deliver the highest and most consistent levels of quality, using ISO 9001:2015 quality system as the standard for excellence. We also have the ability to use SPC software to analyze and evaluate the products we manufacture. This allows us to confidently deliver your project on specification and beyond expectations.

If you’re seeking more than just a production house, call P. Tool & Die at (585) 889-1340 today. We strive to be a complete services partner that provides expert assistance through all phases of the manufacturing process.